Rummy Expert Club respects its users’ privacy and assures you that any information provided by you to Rummy Expert Club is protected and will be dealt with according to its policies and the applicable laws. However, our online gaming platform does require necessary information to be provided for verification purposes, which cannot be compromised upon in any case. The data provided by the user is needed for verifying identity, maintaining accounts, completing transactions and for analyzing user behavior and requirements.

1.Policy Objective

This privacy policy is a part of the Rummy Expert Club Terms of Use.
Rummy Expert Club offers skill-based games like online Rummy in a safe, secure, dependable and comfortable environment. These games are fun to play and participate in and knowing there is trustworthy management behind Rummy Expert Club should give you the player, peace of mind. We are completely dedicated to protecting the privacy of our players.

This document describes what information we collect from our players and how we use the information. Potential players and users must register with us to access and play our games. We collect certain information about you during the registration process and before processing any financial transactions. This information includes your name, email id, mobile number, postal address, etc. The provision of this information is mandatory by you if you want to access our Products and/ or Services. By registering on Rummy Expert Club, you automatically permit for your personal information to be used as stated in this privacy policy. We also collect your IP address information in addition to your personal information when you visit our website. IP addresses of our players help us to study user behavior, research demographics of our users and provide improvements to our users as a result of this collective information. Rummy Expert Club is the exclusive user of this information collected on its website and will not share, sell, rent this information in ways other than what is described in this document. We may be required by law to disclose information at times.

Rummy Expert Club does not divulge your personal information to a third party without your consent. We use your personal information to better your user experience and to present our players with new offers, products, and services. We may share your personal information with prize sponsors and delivery agents through our site.

Rummy Expert Club employs stringent security measures to avoid loss and misuse of the information you provide us. Your personal details are password protected and only you can access your information. Rummy Expert Club is not responsible or liable for any activity which is undertaken when your password is used. For this we advise you not to reveal your password to anyone.

You agree to provide us personal information about yourself when you accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the registration page. In case you do not wish to share this information with us, please do not register on Rummy Expert Club. Remember, our registration procedure requires you to provide us with this information. If you wish to play cash games or participate in tournaments, competitions, contests or other marketing activity that we initiate, you will be asked to provide us additional information.

2.What is Included in Personal Data?

Rummy Expert Club may seek to verify its players' user accounts via phone calls or emails. More than one attempt may be made to communicate with you. If you do not provide us with a correct phone number or email address, or, fail to update your personal information, we bear no responsibility for interruption of services due to us being unable to reach you.

We may block your services if we are unable to reach you. You may not be able to log into Rummy Expert Club, make a deposit, withdraw funds or play games if the validation is unsuccessful and till the time that we are able to satisfactorily validate your user account. We will ask you to submit a valid proof of identification and proof of address as we may require it from time to time. Once we receive valid documents from you, your user account will be reinstated. It may take a few working days to do so and may not happen immediately.

If upon making several unsuccessful attempts at contacting you or in the event that you are unable to provide valid documentation as required by us, we hold the right to delete or suspend your user account and refund the funds in your user account after adjusting any processing fee, taxes, service charges, or any other transactional cost that is applicable. Refunds will be made in the form of a cheque which will be mailed to the address provided by you. If you provide an incorrect mailing address, Rummy Expert Club will not make further attempts for delivery of the cheque.

3.User Consents

You accept that you yourself will play all games on our website and will not take external assistance of any kind to play. You agree not to use or create cheats, hacks, bots or automatic play, software, external or internal device or any other unauthorized component which is capable of blocking, modifying, manipulating, mining, intercepting, collecting or relaying information from or to the Rummy Expert Club. Use of external assistance of any kind is strictly prohibited while accessing Rummy Expert Club or playing games on it. Furthermore, Rummy Expert Club confirms that there are no use of bots or automatic play by the company.

Fraudulent behaviour including chip dumping, forming teams and collusion between you and any others for participating in games or tournaments organized on the Rummy Expert Club or any other form of deception is banned. If any fraudulent behaviour by you is ascertained, the game or games in question will be rendered null and void and will initiate an action against offenders. Any winnings, rewards or deposits to such blocked accounts for fraudulent behaviour will be forfeited and will be confiscated.

All bonuses, rewards, points, prizes and winnings are solely for a specific user. These cannot be transferred to another user account. If you attempt to transfer such winnings, rewards, points, prizes or bonuses to a user account which is not yours, such winnings and rewards will be forfeited.

Sending unsolicited communication or SPAM emails in order to get registrations for Rummy Expert Club or to benefit from its Refer a Friend program is strictly prohibited.

Money Laundering including, but not limited to attempting cash withdrawal of unused funds added through credit cards or deliberately losing money to a specific player(s) is prohibited at Rummy Expert Club.

You can only register as a single user and hold a single user account on Rummy Expert Club. You cannot create or use multiple user accounts using multiple email ID’s. Multiple user accounts even if linked to separate and unique email ID’s are considered invalid by Rummy Expert Club. All activity from multiple user accounts of any one single individual will be rendered null and void.

You are prohibited from creating a user account to upload or post, distribute, share, transmit or publish content on the Rummy Expert Club or on any of its social media assets that is obscene, abusive, criminal, illegal, malicious, threatening, menacing or invades privacy.

Products and / or services of Rummy Expert Club cannot be used for any commercial intention such as but not limited to use in a gaming club, cyber cafe, network play online or to connect to unauthorized servers that copy the gaming experience on Rummy Expert Club.

Any action by you to introduce and transmit such content that may contain computer viruses or computer contaminants as described in the Information Technology Act 2000 or other laws applicable in India which may sabotage and stop or limit the functionality of software, equipment or machinery owned or operated by Rummy Expert Club or which is used for providing products and services by Rummy Expert Club is strictly prohibited.

Seeking another person’s user ID, password, account details or personal details or accessing the email database of users or gathering their personal details including recording their activity on the Rummy Expert Club website is strictly prohibited.

Any person or persons who are employees, directors, officers or agents of Rummy Expert Club or are related to such persons, are not allowed to play any Real Money Games on the Rummy Expert Club, other than in the course of their employment with Rummy Expert Club. Related persons in this case refers to any person or persons who are legally related to employees, directors, officers or agents of Rummy Expert Club and include spouse, financially dependent children and financially dependent parents.

Any activity carried out by you that constitutes fraud and is or is not stated in our Terms of Use is prohibited.